7th August 2022

While our sermons continue through 1 Corinthians, our gospel readings are tracking through Luke’s gospel, and today we come to one of Jesus’ most famous parables, the Good Samaritan (which is featured in a window on the church’s southern wall, by the way!).  The expert in the law had wanted to “justify himself” (Luke 10:29).  Jesus told the parable to show him that his standards were too low.  According to God’s standards, we cannot justify ourselves, apart from Jesus.

We need to decide in what form to hold the 2022 St Jude’s Fair.  Traditionally, pre-COVID, it’s on the second Saturday in November.  Alternatively, we might combine some aspects of the Fair with Carols (Sun 11th Dec).  We need to know who could help with a stall, and especially who could lead a brand-new stall.  Let us know what you think using the comment card.

Next week is Mission Sunday.  We welcome special guests Philip and Jessica Van’t Spyker who are working with BCA in Yeppoon Queensland.  Please plan to stay for morning tea (or pot luck dinner after 4pm) to hear more about their work, and bring some money for a gift to BCA. (More details on the back.)


Andrew Schmidt