7th April 2019

Last week was the big Sunday we had spoken about for many weeks, with the Sculpture Dedication and Choral Evensong as well as our three regular gatherings. Our prayers for good weather were answered spectacularly, as God gave us truly perfect autumn weather to enjoy the dedication ceremony under the fig tree near Frances St. Around sixty people gathered to hear prayers, scripture and words of tribute to women who served in the body of Christ here at St Jude’s, without making the history books.

The sculpture itself is a beautiful piece of work, which exceeds the expectations aroused by the computer generated image we had in advance.  We are grateful to God for his creative gifts to the sculptor, Tory Richards.  May I encourage you to take the time to walk down to the graveyard – which has enjoyed its post summer haircut and is a very pleasant place to be – to have a close look at the sculpture.

Evensong was also most enjoyable, with a good sized congregation in attendance to hear 1662 Evening Prayer and the choir in fine voice.  Thanks to Angus and the choir for organising this.

Thank you to everyone who has taken Easter flyers to deliver.  I hope that our tag line “The Humble King” will resonate with the community.  Jesus, the humble king, is the king the world needs.  Please collect more flyers and try to get them into letter boxes this week.  Next week is Palm Sunday and then Easter is upon us!  Also, please plan to come to Maundy Thursday dinner, and put your name down.