26th September 2021- 26th Ordinary Sunday

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of joining some of you in viewing the diocese wide prayer and praise evening online. It was so encouraging to see people from many churches taking part, and there were well over 1,000 people logged in watching it. I was watching with Erin and our girls, singing along to the songs that we knew, and if other households were doing likewise, then I think it’s safe to say that there were at least a few thousand people taking part all up. Just knowing that there were so many sisters and brothers in Christ joining in prayer and praise together was very encouraging, and a great reminder that even if we feel isolated and cut-off from others, God’s spirit unites us in a way that is more real that we can know.
Sunday School is on today for a ‘Holiday Party’, and will then have next week off along with the Youth Group. Both groups will then start again for term 4 the following week on October 8th for Youth Group and October 10th for Sunday School.

Andrew Goddard
Youth and Evangelism
St Jude’s Anglican Church, Randwick