22nd July 2018

Reading the Scriptures recently, I was struck by Psalm 5:3:

“In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you
and wait expectantly.”                                (NIV)

Beginning with prayer is a habit which sets each day in the right context, as a day lived before God, seeking to please him.  That is a great truth, but what especially struck me was that the psalmist “waits expectantly” for the answers to his prayers.

Sometimes we offer our prayers to God, but then forget to have a sense of anticipation for his response!  The psalmist reminds us that we can expect God to answer.  I can think of recent examples where God has answered prayers about which I had not felt very hopeful.  This is does not mean he will always answer “yes”, but he will respond to our prayers for his own glory and the good of his children (Romans 8:28).

In case you did not know, anyone is welcome to write a name in our Prayer Journal, which is kept in the north (children’s) chapel.  The ministry staff pray by name for everyone mentioned in the Prayer Journal at our meetings on Wednesday mornings.

In brief, don’t forget to purchase your ticket for the Parish Lunch, which is in three weeks’ time, and to read Marty’s report on our successful CRU Camp.