19th May 2019

Who would have thought, six months ago, that the final week of campaigning towards yesterday’s election would involve the contenders trading theological pronouncements about hell?  Although there was not much substance or authority to the statements they made, I think I am pleased that hell is in the news, because unpleasant as it is, there […]

12th May 2019

On this Mothers’ Day I am grateful to God for my mother, who taught me to believe in God and loves me unconditionally to this day.  I am grateful to God for one particularly good friend of my mother, who never had children of her and own and has been very generous towards me and […]

5th May 2019

A warm welcome to church today.  I trust you will grow in joy and hope through what takes places in the service.  Sunday School (9.30 am service) returns today after a holiday break.  Children join in the main gathering at the start, and then head off to their programs after the children’s talk.  There is […]

28th April 2019

It was during the course of last Sunday (Easter Day) that news broke of the terrorist attack on hotels and churches in Sri Lanka.  The death toll now stands at over three hundred.  My initial reaction is simply shock and sadness at yet another attack in which the perpetrators’ love for their own ideas has […]

21st April 2019

At this time of year, we rightly focus on the deep, deep love of God our Father and his Son, expressed in the saving death of Jesus.  As his agony in the Garden of Gethsemane showed, Jesus was sorrowful, abandoned, and in dread of the pain he would endure as he drank the cup of […]

14th April 2019

On Wednesday afternoon, my “fill the church” vision was briefly fulfilled with over 600 students from Randwick Public School attending their Easter Scripture Assembly here.  It is amazing how they are able to pack in.  Reggie the puppet was in fine form, and we presented the story of Jesus’ trial before Pilate, in which Pilate […]

7th April 2019

Last week was the big Sunday we had spoken about for many weeks, with the Sculpture Dedication and Choral Evensong as well as our three regular gatherings. Our prayers for good weather were answered spectacularly, as God gave us truly perfect autumn weather to enjoy the dedication ceremony under the fig tree near Frances St. […]