17th November 2019

Last Saturday’s Spring Fair was, I feel, the best of the three I’ve been involved in (or maybe they just get better and better!).  Again, God blessed us with great weather, a great team and a great crowd. There are many people to thank.  Before the day, there were those who sorted second-hand goods for two weeks, made craft items all year, ran a beautiful promotional campaign, organised great entertainment, donated funds and stock for our stalls, cooked and baked, and put up decorations.  On the day, people set up set up stalls, prepared food, waited on tables, washed up, sold goods all day, helped children to have fun in lots of ways, played music, engaged with our guests, and, last but not least, cleaned up!

I thought the atmosphere was excellent and met numerous people for the first time.  Overall, I think we were rewarded for our hard work by the fact that so many people enjoyed the event.  For those who have not heard, the winning name for that amazing crocheted hippo was “Harvey”.

The Fair raised a little under $18,000.  The very same week, the Archbishop has launched a new appeal for those affected by bushfire.  This money will be distributed through churches to those in need, with prayer and human connection.  The Parish Council decided to give $5,000 from the Fair’s proceeds to this appeal.  May I encourage you to make your own tax-deductible gift to this appeal, at anglicanaid.org.au/nsw-bushfire-appeal or by calling (02) 9284 1406.

In our service today, we continue to pray for those in distress through this natural disaster.