16th September 2018

Together with the Parish Council, I am pleased to announce a new feature to be erected in the cemetery.

St Judes’ 150 year history, Summoned by Bells, featured numerous women who have been significant to the parish and the work of the gospel in our region, such as Jane Barker who established St Catherine’s School, Dr Ruth White whose pastoral care ministry is still fondly remembered, and many others.  In celebration of all the work and ministry women have contributed at St Jude’s over 150 years, the Parish Council decided to have a sculpture placed under the old fig tree near Frances St, with a bench nearby.

A brief was sent to various artists, five of whom submitted proposals.  These were to be assessed using as criteria the central idea of women’s ministry, and a Biblical motif from the book of Ruth.  Based on these criteria, two artists were short-listed.   The Parish Council has chosen the artist who demonstrated the best understanding of both motifs and the architecture of the cemetery. Her name is Ms Tory Richards from Queensland. Subject to the Heritage Council’s approval (which we expect to receive shortly), Tory will be given the go ahead to create her sculpture.

The cost of the sculpture is $15,000.  Over the coming weeks, if you feel led to contribute, you are invited to make a special gift towards this project.