10th May 2020

On this Mothers’ Day, we give special thanks to God for the mothers he has given to all of us to nurture and teach us how to live in his world, and we pray earnestly for God’s help to everyone undertaking the difficult and supremely important task of being a mother.

One of the things our mothers have done for us is gently show us when we’ve been on the wrong track. (I remember my Mum encouraging me as a diffident 15 year old to get involved in the school musical. She saved me from the mistake of missing out on a memorable and growing experience.)

How wonderful it is to be gently and lovingly saved from making a bad decision! Today’s collect highlights that our God is a God who shows us his light to save us from error. The light of his gospel shows us how to get off the sinful road that leads to death, and onto the path of life. We might not like being shown our sin and error, but isn’t it better than not knowing? It is God’s love that causes him to shine his light into our lives, so that we will repent and turn to Jesus.

And so, the collect asks God to help us renounce whatever is contrary to Jesus’ teaching, and to follow what is in keeping with it. It’s a prayer that we will live righteous lives, in the light of God’s truth. What an excellent prayer to pray!

Your response to our church activities at the moment has been very encouraging. (Thank you to everyone who is supporting our work financially.) We have a steadily growing participation in our “live” church gatherings on zoom at 8 am and 6 pm. You can now join these services through our website. Everyone is welcome.