The total precinct of church buildings and attached lands comprises an area of approximately 1.965 ha. and includes a church and rectory, a verger’s residence/parish offices and hall and a large portion of the site is given over to a cemetery and columbarium. The area was originally heavily wooded and consisted of tall timbers and low-level scrublands.


In May 2016 St Jude’s published a carefully researched book that celebrates 150 years of Anglican worship and community in the Randwick municipality.

Launched by the Mayor of Randwick, Noel D’Souza, Summoned By Bells: a history of St Jude’s Church, Randwick, 1865-2015, explores the church, its people and its rectors in a broader social context. The life and times of the founding father of both Randwick and St Jude’s Church, the Englishman, Simeon Pearce, figures prominently in the book.

Sydney historian and writer, Ron Ringer, has carefully researched and written a work that tells the fascinating story of local and church history. With over 400 colour images and B&W photographs, the book succeeds in engaging the reader, taking them on a journey through times, past and present.

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Click here for some details of the History of St Jude’s church, summarised by Ron Ringer (2016)

Click here for some excerpts of the St Jude’s Conservation Report (2004), by heritage architect Geoff Danks.